Skilled public relations professionals know that success is dependent on staying relevant, resourceful, and inspired. The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential sets you apart from your peers and positions you as a leader and mentor in the competitive public relations field. Candidates earn this accreditation based on their knowledge and sound professional judgment.

Who is eligible?

APR is a professional certification program open to all public relations professionals. Any current PRSA member can sign up for accreditation online by paying the one-time APR fee of $385. PRSA Greater Fort Lauderdale chapter members get fully reimbursed in two parts once they pass the accreditation panel and exam. Continuous membership at PRSA or one of the other APR participating organizations is required to maintain certification status. Once you become an APR, your accreditation is up for renewal every three years.

For more information about taking the APR certification, please email [email protected].

Five steps to lifelong APR

  1. Apply: use this form and pay $385 (PRSAFTL members get fully reimbursed in two parts once they pass the panel and the exam)
  2. Study: using our helpful study guide
  3. Panel presentation: start by filling out this questionnaire for your panel
  4. Computer-based examination: once you pass the panel, you can take the exam at one of the dozens of examination sites near home. Here are some sample questions.
  5. Maintenance: use this form every three years to stay accredited

APR intro session on video

Watch this recording session, Five Steps to Lifelong APR by Annabel Beyra, APR and Victor Aimi, APR, with tips on how to prepare to pass the panel and the test.

Remember to ask for help! Email our accreditation chair at [email protected] or the national PRSA representative at [email protected] with your APR doubts, concerns, and needs.

Fort Lauderdale Chapter APR Members

Congratulations to the following members that successfully acquired their accreditation in the last 12 months:

Joe Donzelli, APR

Jennifer Hudson, APR

The following Chapter members have also received their APR:

Alison D. Hibbert, APR

Andrea B. Knibbs, APR

Andrew J. Rubin, APR

Anne F. French, APR

Bernard Lipskin, APR

Beth H. Swanson, APR

Catherine B. Ahles, APR

Cindy Schutt, APR

Colette A. Claxton, APR

Debbie A. Mason, APR

Ellen Crane Schulman, APR

Gary Brooten, APR

Gary E. Bitner, APR

Janet L. Del Pinal, APR

Joy A. Satterlee, APR

Katie G. Foster, APR

Kim G. Laffont, APR

Leslie J. Backus, APR

Margaret M. Poole, APR

Marsy L. Smith, APR

Mary A. Riedel, APR

Natalia Alejandra Flores, APR

Ron G. Drew, APR

William E. Husted, Fellow PRSA

Janet E. Oppenheimer, Fellow PRSA

Kelly Leigh Allen, Fellow PRSA

Merrie Elyn Meyers-Kershaw, Fellow PRSA

Stu Opperman, APR