Eligibility and Dues

Full Membership

An individual of any age who devotes a substantial portion of time to the full-time paid professional practice of public relations or to the teaching or administration of public relations courses in an accredited college or university.

● National: $260
● Fort Lauderdale Chapter: $50
● Initiation Fee*: $65 (one-time initiation fee is required for new members)

Associate Membership

Associate Member (AM1) - less than one-year experience in PR (AM1s are automatically upgraded to AM2 after one year of membership)

● National*: $115
● Fort Lauderdale Chapter: $45

Associate Member (AM2) - less than two years experience in PR (AM2s are automatically upgraded to Member after one year of membership)

● National*: $155
● Fort Lauderdale Chapter: $45

Associate Member, PRSSA Graduate (AMPG)

To be an AMPG you must be an active PRSSA member at the time of graduation, and your application must be submitted within two years of graduating. You may remain an AMPG member for up to two years and will then automatically be upgraded to Member. AMPG requires a special application.

● National*: $60
● Fort Lauderdale Chapter: $45

Associate Member, Graduate Student (AMGS)

As an AMGS, you must be enrolled full-time in an advanced degree program for teaching or practicing public relations. Proof of full-time matriculation is required and must be submitted with your application. You may remain an AMGS member for a maximum of six years or as long as you are a full-time student.

● National*: $60
● Fort Lauderdale Chapter: $45
● * The $65 initiation fees are waived for associate members until upgraded to full Member status. Associate Member status can only be held for two years.


Retired members will continue to receive all member benefits. Members who have retired from full-time employment may switch to retired member status if they:

1. Are 62 years of age or older;
2. Work less than 20 hours a week without the intent of returning to work full time
3. Have been a PRSA member for five or more consecutive years, and in good standing.

An affidavit attesting that they meet the above criteria must also be filled out. Contact member services at [email protected] or 212-460-1400. Call with any questions or to obtain a copy of the affidavit.

● National: $60
● Fort Lauderdale Chapter: $45

Membership Reinstatement

Reinstated members are PRSA members whose membership has expired and wish to rejoin.

● Reinstatement Fee: $35
● National: $260
● Fort Lauderdale: $50

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